Application of boiler in car wash and laundry

Application of boiler in car wash and laundry

The necessary equipment in a washing machine and dryer are: washing boiler, ironing press, industrial washing machine and industrial dryer that are required. We are talking about a boiler here. The washing boiler consists of a steel chamber in which water is converted to steam. Depending on the applicant’s request and location conditions, its fuel consumption can be diesel, fuel oil, natural gas and electricity, etc. Laundry boilers provide the steam needed in the laundry.

Today, the use of boilers is common in all laundries in the world. Boilers are used in laundries to dry and clean clothes, and they work in other laundry equipment such as irons and other appliances. The steam from the boilers in the car wash and laundry, in addition to cleaning the clothes, also disinfects and sterilizes them. Other advantages of boilers can be mentioned. They are compatible with all laundry equipment. Dry and wet steam can be used for steam ironing. Superheat or dry steam with a humidity of less than 5% has many applications in washing and laundry.

Washing machine and washing machine boiler components:

Boilers consist of the following parts:

. Control tube

. Boiler candle

. Stiff

. Manometer

. Reassurance valve

. Pressure switch

. Torch

. pump

. Water meter or water meter


Another thing that is important about boilers in washing and laundry is the capacity of the boiler, which should be paid special attention to. Industrial boilers used in washing and laundry should have high efficiency and have optimal consumption for energy carriers and have good steaming quality, have a standard mark, and finally should be reasonably priced, and most importantly the parts used in construction Boilers are of high quality. The high quality of components in boilers has a direct impact on the efficiency and quality of industrial boilers.

The most important factors to consider when choosing a boiler are the volume of steam output, steam quality, pressure and temperature.

Steam heat level: The amount of heat required in the car wash and dryer is determined according to the capacity of the boiler. The output steam in the washing machines should be around 140-180 degrees Celsius, which can be changed according to the applicant’s request.

Steam pressure: The output pressure of industrial boilers in laundries starts from 4 times and according to the manufacturing technology and dimensions can increase up to about 12 times.

Output steam volume: The quality of the device is directly related to the output steam volume. In a way, the better and higher the build quality, the higher the volume of steam output and vice versa. The amount of steam output is measured in terms of time. For example, the steam output of a device is about 100 kg of steam per hour.

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