Application of boiler in industry

Application of boiler in industry

In general, in any industry that needs a heating system or washing and disinfection, they can use the boiler as one of the effective and efficient equipment. Boilers have different designs according to their different applications in the industry, and here we refer to some of these designs.

Application of boiler in different industries:

Bitumen industry: Bitumen is one of the building materials that is used as a waterproofing in the building. To make bitumen, the bitumen storage tank must first be heated. To pump bitumen, the temperature of the bitumen must remain constant at a high level to keep the bitumen in a liquid state. If the temperature of the bitumen decreases, it will be difficult to pump it. Therefore, a reliable and accurate heat source such as a boiler is needed to maintain the heat of the bitumen at a suitable temperature. Two modes can be used to heat bitumen. One is hot water and the other is water vapor, which uses hot water to heat bitumen due to the need for less space. The use of a boiler is less common due to the need for a separate room.


Food industry: The food industry covers a large part of the industry. In the food industry, the conversion of agricultural and livestock raw materials, etc. into consumables, canning, freezing, fermentation and distillation, etc. is done by the boiler. Due to the need for high efficiency and proper efficiency of food industry equipment in the 24-hour process, the food industry uses a boiler to supply the required heat in the processes.


Printing industry: Boiler is used to supply heat of 200 degrees Celsius in this industry.


Beverage industry: In this industry, steam and heat are used in processes that require adjustable heat and heat and cleaning and washing. The best solution for creating the right heat and washing equipment is to use heat and steam from the boiler. Because in addition to cleanliness, it is also a disinfectant.


Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: In the chemical industry and drug production to produce polymers and health and cosmetics need heating and heat in some parts, which sometimes reaches about 200 degrees Celsius. A boiler is used to produce this high temperature.


Dairy industry and production of dairy products: In this industry, most heating processes require high temperatures and high temperatures, and also the safety and security of the operator must be considered. Sterilization is an important issue in the dairy industry that requires heat. Other items in the dairy industry that need heat are fermentation, evaporation, drying and washing, which use a boiler and hot water boiler to produce this heat.


Timber industry: To perform operations on wood lumber, recycling paper, paper, cardboard requires a lot of energy, which is supplied by the boiler. Steam is also the best option for disinfecting fermented materials.


Petrochemical and power plant industries: Boilers used in this industry have a high capacity due to being a parent industry.


Rubber industry and composite production: This industry needs proper pressure and high heat to produce. To produce this heat, this boiler is used with an autoclave so that the temperature can be controlled. In order to improve the quality of steam produced in this industry, the water used must be treated to have full efficiency.


Textile and laundry industry: The use of steam in washing fabrics has a great effect on the cleanliness and disinfection of fabrics. Also, the steam from the boiler is used for dyeing the fabric and ironing the fabric and packaging.


Packaging and plastics industry: In this industry, heat is produced by boilers for forming and deforming plastic containers.


Maritime industry: In this industry, this boiler is often used to generate heat in the engine room of the ship.

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