Application of hot oil boiler in candy making

Application of hot oil boiler in candy making

At first, cantaloupe production was done in Iran and India and then transferred to Europe. In today’s society, plants are effective in various uses, including medicine and blessings in religious cities, which has created employment and entrepreneurship for people. Candy making in Iran is more traditional and using open pots and white sugar. After dissolving and concentrating the ingredients, the resulting syrup is poured into a container and sugar or sucrose molecules are collected and formed around the threads or straws embedded in the container.

At the time of crystal formation, the solution should be completely stagnant and motionless and should not cause any turbulence in the solution and the container. The sucrose crystals produced are known according to the shape produced, which can be called branch candy, straw candy, candy bowl and candy board.

Due to the need for high heat at about 110 ° C to concentrate the sugar solution, which causes caramelization and coloring of sugar (this action is also called inverting), the vegetable juice obtained in this way There are fewer times that can be used in crop production and this reduces the efficiency in crop production. However, if a vacuum cooking pot is used, due to the use of a much lower temperature (about 75 to 85 ° C), the sugar solution is concentrated. Becomes.

Advantages of producing candy using a hot oil pot:

Using a hot oil pot is very suitable for candy making, the following benefits can be mentioned:

  • Reducing energy costs: It is quite obvious that when we need lower temperatures to concentrate the candy, then the energy costs will certainly be significantly reduced.
  • Reducing the cost of equipment: In the traditional system, after preparing and dissolving sugar and soft in water to transfer the syrup to the vacuum tank, mechanical pumps had to be used, but with the use of hot oil boilers in the production of candy, no mechanical pump is needed today. This displacement is done by using the suction force of the tank in the shortest possible time and without using a pump.
  • Do not use industrial coloring materials and powdered sugar such as blanket
  • Decreasing the amount of saffron consumed: Due to the fact that in the new system, ie the use of hot oil boilers in the production of candies, the production deposits and colors of the candies are much brighter than the old method, or the traditional one, the use of saffron is greatly reduced. Paying attention to the high price of saffron is economical. During an experiment in one of the plant production centers, saffron consumption was reduced by about 25%.
  • Prevent foaming and overflow of boiling syrup: Due to the low temperature when concentrating the sugar solution and when the pot is closed, the possibility of overflow of syrup is eliminated and waste is minimized and the need for constant presence of the operator on It is no longer on the pot.
  • Increasing the efficiency of crop production: In any industry, economic efficiency is one of the most important factors in that industry, which is also very suitable in this industry due to its economic justification. Reduce its color ratio. And deposit increases the crop production cycle. Which in turn increases the efficiency of the system. It also increases the quality of plant crystals.

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