Boiler components are components that are installed on an industrial boiler. These parts activate and most importantly make the industrial boiler safe. The installed parts, which are also known as boiler accessories and equipment, have different parts, which are: Valves, circuit breakers, steam trap, air intake, pump, burner, preheater, water storage tank, fuel filter, water feature, pressure controller, control valve, pressure switch, pressure gauge, thermometer, temperature controller, shut-off valve , Deaerator, economizer, electrical panel and superheater. Each component of an industrial boiler has a specific task and application. In this article, we review all the equipment and supplies. The high quality of these components has a direct impact on the efficiency and service life of industrial boilers. Also, the higher the efficiency, the higher the amount of evaporation and the quality of evaporation.


Considering that industrial boilers have different types such as cast iron and steel, in this article we will examine the components of this steel boiler.

Application of boiler in food industry

One of the ideals of producing a quality product and the most important part of the food industry is the boiler. We must be diligent in maintenance and care. Also, the boiler has various applications in the food industry. Steam production is not only used for cooking in the food industry. One of the smallest applications of the boiler in the food industry is for cooking. Other applications of the boiler in the food industry are: Disinfection and sterilization, packaging and canning of food, washing and cleaning, dehumidification, to keep the environment warm, heating and temperature control.


The price of a 500 kg boiler

The price of a boiler is 1 ton of steam per hour

The price of a 2 ton boiler

The price of a boiler is 3 tons of steam

The price of a boiler is 5 tons of steam

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