Coil sources

The coiled source or coil source (Domestic Hot Water Generator), which is abbreviated with DHWG in the drawings and installation tables, is used to supply hot water for various buildings and industries. The proper temperature of the spa required for sanitary purposes and washing is between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. There are several methods to increase the temperature of cold water entering from the piping system to the appropriate temperature mentioned. One of the most suitable methods is to use coiled resources.

The coil source consists of a tank with a coil and the cold water is heated by being in indirect contact with the hot water of the boiler. In short, the coil source is a reservoir for the preparation and storage of consumer spa. These sources are made in both horizontal and vertical positions.

If the spa is not consumed, the spa in the pipes is returned to the tank to prevent the water in the pipes from cooling down, so that the spa is always ready for the consumer. (If the return line of the spa is not installed, when the consumer needs the spa due to the cooling of the water in the pipes, it is necessary to drain all this water to reach the consumer hot water, which causes a waste of water and time will be.)

Types of coiled sources

  • Vertical and horizontal coil springs: Coil springs are made in both horizontal and vertical (standing) depending on the type of construction and depending on the constraints of the source installation location and the available space of the engine room. In terms of efficiency and use, there is not much difference between horizontal and vertical sources, but today, the use of vertical sources is more common due to less surface occupation.
  • Single-coil and double-coil coil sources: Coil sources are usually made as single coil, but in some cases are also produced as two coils. Coiled sources are produced in the form of two coils with the following two purposes:


1- In case of using solar heating system, in this case, one of the coils is connected to the solar system and the second coil is connected to the boiler. If the solar panels through the first coil can not bring the temperature of the hot water to the required temperature through the second coil that is connected to the boiler, the hot water is supplied with the required temperature.

2- In high-capacity coiled sources, if the source is made as a single coil, the coil becomes large in terms of size and heavy in terms of weight, which makes the service, maintenance and acid washing of the coil difficult. Therefore, by making the source in the form of two or even three coils, ease of service and maintenance is provided.

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