Disinfection tunnel

Due to the crisis of the Corona virus outbreak and its spread among human communities, the use of disinfectants such as disinfection gates is needed more than ever. Equipment that can prevent the virus from spreading further in different areas.

One of these equipments is Corona disinfectant. Although these devices have already been used in some special and sensitive areas, but in these conditions, they are more practical and important than ever.

Due to the fact that it has been a long time since the corona virus spread and during this period it is not possible to close many centers and offices, so the virus should be prevented from entering these places by approved methods.

Installing a UV disinfection tunnel at the entrance of offices and buildings can be an effective way to prevent further spread of the virus. Today, this device is used at the entrance of many hospitals in most developed countries.

The disinfection gate of the reception hall and the hotel is designed in such a way that guests can be decontaminated by entering this room before entering.

This gate sprays disinfectants such as ozone or benzalkonium chloride all over the body.

Of course, the material used can be changed at will; But ozone is the best option for this because it will not cause any problems for the respiratory system.

In less than 5 minutes, this substance will eliminate all possible viruses that are present on the surface of clothing, accessories, shoe soles, skin surface.

The gate is designed so that the indoor environment remains completely isolated, so staff and guests are safe from the corona virus.

Disinfection gate function

The UV disinfection gate is made in the form of chambers that people have to go through. But behind the curtain of this plastic or glass chamber, a very strong generator grinds the disinfectants very finely and sprays them on people’s bodies in the form of mist.

The disinfectant required for this device can be O3 gas. Ozone gas is a disinfectant solution that, unlike other disinfectants such as chlorine, Vitex and formalin, does not cause any allergies to humans.

However, it is not mandatory to use ozone gas and any disinfectant approved by the Ministry of Health can be used in these devices.

UV rays have also been used in the structure of human disinfection tunnels. Research has shown that the light and heat emitted by these rays greatly reduces the power of the virus. The interesting point in these devices is the use of shoe sole disinfectant, which is located inside this room. By standing on this disinfectant, some disinfectant is sprayed on the soles of the shoes.

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