steam carwash

Steam Carwash (Steam Steam) is an extremely professional device that has been able to attract a lot of attention with its unique performance. With the advancement of technology and the emergence of new devices, companies have succeeded in producing this type of device that can improve the car wash process.

This machine has a high pressure and therefore can create excellent quality in washing.

Nowadays, mobile and stationary car washes can easily benefit from the benefits of steam car wash. The process that can be done using steam inside car wash and laundry is called steam carwash, which is done using steam car wash machines (steam steam). One of the main features of using this method is that by using this device, the car can be washed and dried with even 2 liters of water.

While in conventional methods, we need to spend more than 100 liters of water. For this reason, the use of steam car wash has been able to attract a lot of attention. Today, various car washes around the world are trying to reduce the costs by using this type of device. Although it is necessary to pay a considerable price to buy this product, it is worth it.

Types of steam car wash (steam steam)

There are different types of steam car wash machines and each of them has a different application. According to the existing needs, you can prioritize the most suitable option.

Among the types of steam car wash machines (steam steam), the following can be mentioned:
  • Fixed (boiler)
  • Portable
  • Mobile

The asking price for each type is different. Portable specimens are used in many places because they can be moved. They can be easily moved from one area to another. Due to their high weight, fixed specimens are usually placed in one place and are used to clean stains and heavy dirt.

The use of steam car wash machine (steam steam) is not limited to car and car washing. Its efficiency can be used with full confidence in various sectors:

  • Used in various riding car washes
  • Used in special car washes for heavy vehicles
  • Used in various repair shops of light and heavy vehicles
  • Used in public and of course private parking lots
  • Used in restaurants
  • Used in industrial kitchens
  • Used in various industrial washing units
  • Used in washing small and large tanks
  • Used in various production units of food industry
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