Superiority of hot oil boiler over boiler

Superiority of hot oil boiler over boiler

The advantages of a hot oil boiler over a boiler are many and the reasons are due to the thermal oil properties and the technical structure of the oil boiler. In most production and industrial centers, heat is needed to produce products or convert raw materials into required materials. And in most industries, industry managers use boilers if they are unaware of the advantages of a hot oil boiler. Here we point out some of the advantages of this boiler over a boiler.

The main reason for using boilers is to generate heat, which can produce a higher amount of heat in hot oil boilers. Which alone is the main advantage of oil boilers over boilers.

Advantages of hot oil boiler over boiler:

  • No need for hot oil boiler system to adjust the internal pressure: the presence of pressure in the system causes dangerous explosions in the facilities and causes huge damage, which in oil boilers is safe from this point of view, considering that the system does not withstand any pressure. is. If boilers require a lot of pressure for some functions, which can be dangerous.
  • Non-corrosion of facilities and boilers by hot oil: One of the properties of hot oil is oil lubrication, which itself does not cause corrosion along the way, while boilers are very sensitive to corrosion and paths in the water , Corrode over time and should be checked for corrosion at different times.
  • Do not use to regulate chemicals in the oil boiler: In boilers to prevent water corrosion, the exact amount of chemicals must be added to the water and always be monitored. If there is no need to adjust chemicals in oil boilers.
  • No noise pollution in this boiler: Boilers make a lot of noise when working, which is not the case with oil boilers at all or is very low.
  • Oil boiler performance at a higher temperature than the boiler: Due to the higher boiling point of the thermal oil compared to water, heating systems with oil boilers can operate at higher temperatures. In addition, as the temperature rises, the pressure in the boiler also increases, but in the case of oil boilers, the pressure does not increase as the temperature rises. Due to the fact that most heating equipment works better at higher temperatures.
  • Easier adjustment of the temperature in the oil boiler: Adjusting the temperature in the oil boiler is very easy and can even be controlled at temperatures above 350 degrees.

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